We Shipped It!

Splatters during the Cupcake Challenge Hackathon

Splatters hard at work

This past weekend, Splatters got together to work on the Global Hackerspace Cupcake Challenge during the hackerspaces.org monthly synchronous hackathon.  Splat Space simultaneously hosted a Triangle Arduino hack afternoon. It was a fun afternoon of hacking, eating cupcakes and watching uStream to see the antics of other hackerspaces while they, too, were working on their cupcakes.

suspended cupcake

Cupcake all ready to be shipped to Tokyo!

We had to wait until after the Martin Luther King holiday, since the post office was closed, but we shipped it!  The Tokyo Hackerspace can expect a delicious chocolate cupcake topped with a daikaiju monster with glowing eyes, attacking two fondant skyscrapers.  The cupcake capsule was within a icosahedral capsid, suspended with shock cord.  That should fun to unpack!  Fortunately, according to the rules of the challenge, the lucky recipients will have to film it!  We’ll see just how fun it is.