About TriDIYBio

This is 100x magnification of a pumpkin stem using a 3d printed microscope clip for smartphones!

The Triangle DIY Bio group’s mission is to promote the idea that anyone can participate in the scientific fields of microbiology, genetic engineering, and biotechnology. We work to provide tools, knowledge, and support to build a vibrant community of citizen scientists and Do-It-Yourself biologists!

Who should join?

Experienced Scientists, Inexperienced Scientists, Teachers, Computer Science professionals, Engineers, Artists, Entrepreneurs, Enthusiasts…All are welcome!

Want to know more?

We invite you to join our online discussion group, or stop by one of our monthly meetings, currently being held at SplatSpace in Durham. Our communications and meetings are free and open to everyone.

Website: tridiybio.org
Email: info@tridiybio.org
Twitter: @TriDIYBio
Meetup: We are listed on Meetup as an event on the SplatSpace page.

To find our next meeting, scroll down the center list of Upcoming meetups until you come to TriDIYBio Third Sunday Meeting. If you don’t see it, hit the “More Meetups” link at the bottom of the list until you do.