Help Splat Space Get a Projector

Splat Space is trying to buy a much needed projector!

Why Do We Need a Projector?
Splat Space is the proud host of a weekly geek show & tell, many free tech events, and other local meetups in the Triangle, from web development to arduino hacking. With our new purchase of a projector, we hope to become an even better space for meetup groups in the Triangle to congregate and hold their tech-oriented meetups!

Why We Need Your Help
Splat Space is a member-driven and member-funded organization. We’re also a new organization and just beginning to grow our presence as a hub for all kinds of tech and “geek” activity. We’re a non-profit (501c3 status pending), relying completely on membership dues, donations and community support.

We’d like to better accomodate our own meetups and other meetups in the area (meetups are always free to host at Splat Space!) We hope to become a hub for all types of tech activity in Durham and the greater Triangle area. A projector will help us become a more comfortable venue for hosting your next meetup at Splat Space.

Please donate to our cause below! Any amount will help us get closer to reaching our fundraising goal of $360. So far, we’ve raised $70