Hackathon & Cupcake Challenge

Splat Space will be participating in the global hackerspaces.org monthly hackathon this Saturday, January 15th. Join us at Splat Space at 1pm for a full day of collaboration and innovation. We will be hosting an Arduino Hack Afternoon as part of the hackathon as well!

During the hackathon, we’ll be working together on the hackerspaces.org Cupcake Challenge. For this event, all the hackerspaces in the world have been challenged to ship a cupcake over 1,000 miles to another hackerspace in tasty and pristine condition.

Since additional points are accrued for the distance the cupcake travels, we contacted some friends over at the Tokyo Hackerspace and will be sending our SplatCake overseas, approximately 7,000 miles! More details on the challenge can be found here. Come out on Saturday to participate or follow the excitement on uStream!

The Cupcake Challenge


  • * Cupcake must be a standard sized or larger cupcake with frosting and at least one sugar based topper/decoration.
  • * The cupcake should be home made or in the hackerspace.
  • * Distance sent must exceed 1000 miles, bonus points for over seas.
  • * The package can have dimensions up 1ft by 1ft by 1ft and weight up to 4lbs.
  • * The package must be sent by a reasonably priced shipping method, days in transit will be considered in the scoring.
  • * A video must be taken while the receiving hackerspace is opening the package and uploaded.
  • * All participating spaces must also participate in the Synchronous Hackathon.

Judging Criteria

  • * The creativity of method used to stabilize the cupcake
  • * The stability of mixture / quality of ingredients
  • * Appearance
  • * Taste
  • * Condition
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