SparkCon GeekSpark Report

The Splat Space RC Car


This past Saturday,  September 16th,  a few of our members participated in GeekSpark,  the technological  side of Sparkcon. GeekSpark was located in Red Hat Annex in Downtown Raleigh,  as it has been the past couple of years.

The cardboard race track.

Heading Splat Space’s representation at GeekSpark was Bill Culverhouse,  a long time member of the makerspace.  He built a really fantastic cardboard racetrack with two first person view remote control race cars.  The cars had small cameras mounted to them that wirelessly transmitted their video feeds to two monitors on a table next to the race track.  People sat at the two screens with their controllers and watched the screens to steer their cars. There were two cars, so people could race against each other. As well as his Creator Pro 3d printer, Bill also brought a lot of 3d printed items to raffle off on behalf of Splat Space,  including his 1/6th scale Tyrannosaurus Rex!

Bill will be doing an Instructable about how he did his cars,  so stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “SparkCon GeekSpark Report

  1. I was wondering, could you tell me what the cameras are called and also the display? Thnx

    • Hi Nicholas, Bill didn’t provide that info, but he says he’ll be doing an Instructables soon with links, so be sure to watch for that!

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