Makerbot Fun @ Splat Space

Our last open meeting on Tuesday, October 5th, was a lot of fun. We got some organizational business taken care of, followed by a fun night of show and tell. One of the highlights of the night was watching member Jeff Crews print on his Makerbot.

A Makerbot is an open-source 3-D printer that prints actual objects out of ABS plastic. You can buy a kit to assemble your own 3-D printer from Makerbot Industries for $649. Jeff built his version of the Makerbot without a kit for even less! He brought it by Splat Space for everyone to see it working in action. Congrats on your success Jeff, and thanks for sharing!

Other highlights include establishing a steady & quick internet connection with our very own SSID. Come check out what’s new at Splat Space every Tuesday at 7pm. All are welcome!

Jeff's Makerbot at Splat Space

Splatters watch in awe as Member Jeff Crews prints a pulley on his working Makerbot.