This week’s schedule (May 19th – 25th)

Here’s this week’s schedule at the space:

CarolinaCon is this weekend

Are you looking for something to do this weekend? Have an interest in technology, security, internet privacy, or all of the above?

You should probably go to CarolinaCon.

CarolinaCon is an annual conference in North Carolina, focusing on technology, security and information rights. It’s a mixture of talks, workshops, contests, and other events that can be counted on to be interesting and a lot of fun.

It’s at the Hilton North, in Raleigh, this weekend from 5pm on Friday through till Sunday evening. You can check out the full schedule for more info.

It’s worth pointing out that part of the Splatspace community will be there, presenting at 7pm on Saturday. If you have the time, check out “F*ck These Guys: Practical Counter-Surveillance” by Lisa Lorenzin.

It will be an awesome weekend.

A 3D printed thumb piano

There have been discussions of 3D printing musical instruments at Splatspace for a few months now, and one of our members, Jeff Crews, has taken the first step to build one.

You may have heard of thumb piano before. It’s an instrument of African origin, that is played by plucking at metal (or other material) tines connected to a resonating chamber. It’s a relatively simple instrument in terms of construction, so it’s ideal as an instrument to print.

Thumb Piano

Crews printed the body in two stages, first the top portion with the fretboard, and then the bottom to create a resonating chamber. He used a simple piezo electric sensor to capture the vibration of the instrument to play on an amplifier. The tines are made from old saw blades.

Here’s another member, Bill Culverhouse, demonstrating the thumb piano in action:

Preserving binoculars with 3D printing

One of our members recently used what he learned about CADing and 3D printing to repair a keepsake from his grandfather.

When I got the binoculars, one lens cap had already torn and no longer stayed on the lens. The others were threatening to go at any time.

Like any hackerspace these days, we have a number of 3D printers. I’m not particularly good at CAD yet, but in OpenSCAD a cap is just one flat cylinder differenced with a smaller cylinder.

Simple as it was, it still took three tries to get right. The first was way too large; the second, though it fit, was tight enough that I worried removing it would break the lenses. The last try was almost perfect. Despite needing three iterations, the whole process took less than an hour.

If you want to learn how to use a 3D printer and design software to repair things in your life, or build something entirely new, we hope to see you at Splatspace soon!

This week’s schedule (Apr 14 – 20)

Here’s the schedule at the space this week:

Additionally, this Saturday from 7am to 5pm at the NC Fairgrounds, there is a Ham radio fest. There will be a few Splatters there, so come check it out.

We hope to see you out this week!

Burlington Mini Maker Faire ’14

Looking for plans this weekend? Look no further.

Once again our friends in the Alamance Maker’s Guild are hosting a mini maker faire.

The Burlington Mini Maker Faire is this Saturday, from 10am to 5pm, at the Holly Hill Mall in Burlington, NC.

Our theme this year is “Building STEAM in Burlington” (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) a recognition of a life long love of learning added to the can-do spirit of the maker in all of us.

We’re bringing together makers from across the region and across the spectrum of creativity and fun. Many of your favorites from the last two years will be returning with familar and new projects. You’ll also meet new makers and see awesome projects. Many exhibits are interactive and will allow you and your family to make something of your own that you can take with you.

We hope to see you there!