The Hackerspace Challenge Projects

Over on element14, we’ve started a series of posts describing the projects we’re pursuing for the hackerspace challenge. The first one just went live, and more will be up soon.

The whole idea behind the dock blocks is extensibility. They’re goal is to provide a physical prop for all sorts of math activities (and any other activities an enterprising teacher can think of to use them for). The current focus has just a numeric display and lets the various blocks communicate by “docking” to each other, or to a master “station” blog (which holds the more expensive programmable bits). The reason for this is so that it’s easy for a teacher to buy or create more of the little bits–which students actually use–without risking the costs of a broken computer or more expensive heavy duty microcontroller.

Check it out!

Element14’s Hackerspace Challenge

Splatspace is participating in a great hackerspace challenge hosted and sponsored by element14. We just put up our first post on their site describing what we’re up to.

Our early brainstorming revealed a number of small, elegant ideas. We had some early inertia around one project, which looked like critical mass, but debate continued around the merits of a couple other projects. In the spirit of “do-ocracy”, we decided to just do all three projects until the relative merits become clearer. They’re all great ideas and each one has a unique mixture of challenges and opportunities.

Consider it a small intraspace challenge–the winner in a week or two will become the project we all pursue wholeheartedly for the remainder of the challenge. And we’ll all be happy with it, because we’ll know it’s one that’s already survived a challenge.

Go read the whole post there. We’ll be updating there and here as the challenge progresses.