Moving Day #3!

PFC.SpenglerCalling all volunteers who need a good excuse to get away from the holiday doldrums! SplatSpace is here to grant you reprieve! Come join us Saturday the 27th at 2pm for moving day #3. We will be primarily unpacking stuff at our new location on 800 N Mangum St. So if you’re itching for something to do over the Holiday break, come join us an find out how awesome the new space is!

Chaos Communication Congress Live Stream!

unnamedTomorrow begins a four day event called the 31st annual Chaos Communication Congress (31C3). It’s a conference in Hamburg Germany, but it will be live streamed all over the world. There will be lots of lectures and workshops about different technological topics including Tor, Heartbleed, Cryptography, Open Hardware and lots more. You can find the full calendar here. So if you need a break from Holiday guests that have overstayed their welcome, feel free to run away to a place where bits are secured and you can hide behind a screenname.

Our Own Jeff Crews On TV!

Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 11.24.40 AMJeff Crews, a proud offspring of SplatSpace, was featured on UNC TV the other night in a section covering Makers and the holidays. He showed off our 3D printer, using it to produce his blessed creation: the googley eyed…wait for it…”eye”phone case!!! The event was part one of the holiday themed Maker Workshops at the Museum of Life and Science. Click here to watch the full video. The Maker section starts at 8 minutes in and Jeff’s debut starts at 9:35.

Remaining Moving Dates


We’re in the middle of SplatSpace’s migration to our new Headquarters at 800 N. Mangum. We’ve already had two productive move dates (Saturday Dec. 20th and Tuesday Dec. 23rd). We’ve got two more move dates remaining, so if you’ve been wanting to visit SplatSpace for the first time, this would be a great ice breaker 😉 If you’re a current member, consider this is a great opportunity to start giving back to the wonderful refuge for wandering makers/hackers that is SplatSpace. Ok, here’s the privileged info:

  1. Saturday Dec. 27th @2pm – we will be moving the remaining items from our old location at 331 West Main Street.
  2. Tuesday Dec. 30th @ 7:15pm – We will begin unpacking at our new location at 800 N. Mangum during our regularly scheduled open meeting.
  3. Tuesday January 6th @ 7pm – This is our first official monthly business meeting at the new space. It will take place at 800 N. Mangum. Come check us out at our new space!

Pics of our new location!

The move to our new location at 800 N. Mangum in Durham is well underway! Here’s some pics of the space before the move. Look at how plain everything is. How boring. That’s why we’re moving in…to transform it into hacker awesomeness and to rock the face off of North Mangum like it’s never been rocked before. Plain office building, prepare to meet your DOOM!!!