New SplatSpace Hot Wire Cutter!

unnamedAll I can say is…WOW! Apparently, that’s all our new hot wire cutter can say as well! It’s one of the latest tools to be added to our ever growing maker space tool repertoire! So if you have young unruly foam that needs to be shaped and molded into mature responsible foam that looks presentable and isn’t an embarrassment to it’s parents…then let our new hot wire cutter help! Special thanks to Jeff Crews for getting this up and running and for taking the amazing demo pick attached to this post!

New Web Host!

serverAfter years and years of the same host, it’s time for us to move to something bigger and better! has got a new web host! So expect more speed, accuracy, and adoreableness from your beloved Durham Hackerspace’s home on the web. Thanks to the members that made this migration possible!

Raspberry Pi Meetup!!!

91K7B8gNL+L._SX425_Love electronics? Love Pi? This Thursday (Jan. 22nd) there will be a Raspberry Pi Meetup at SplatSpace for all those in love with the lovely, cheap, credit card sized computer. Come and show off some of your RPi creations, or just come and learn what in the hack I’m talking about. Either way, it’s gonna be awesome!

Internet Society Meeting Dates

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 5.59.11 PMThe Internet Society  is an international non-profit organization that provides guidance to local governments, education institutions and businesses on issues related to Internet standards and policy.  Lead by Lynden Price, we will be hosting meetings for the Durham chapter of the Internet Society at our new location. If you are interested, here are the meeting dates. Please mark them in your calendars!

1/9 @ 7:00pm EST
1/16 @ 7:00pm EST
1/23 @ 7:00pm EST
1/30 @ 7:00pm EST


Open Meeting Tonight!

If your New Year’s resolution was to be a better person, get to know more people, try something new, or be more awesome, etc, etc, then you can check all those off the list by attending the SplatSpace open meeting tonight! It’s at our new space at 800 N Mangum St. If you’re familiar with the old location and want to know how to get to the new location from there, you can follow these directions. If you have any issues, please call us at (919) 704-4225 and we’ll help you out. See you there!


Moving Day #3!

PFC.SpenglerCalling all volunteers who need a good excuse to get away from the holiday doldrums! SplatSpace is here to grant you reprieve! Come join us Saturday the 27th at 2pm for moving day #3. We will be primarily unpacking stuff at our new location on 800 N Mangum St. So if you’re itching for something to do over the Holiday break, come join us an find out how awesome the new space is!