DIY Custom Kitchen Storage

SplatSpace member Carl Fega had an issue we’ve all been privy to: not enough space to store his stuff. In particular, after moving back to Durham, his kitchen was much smaller than in used to be. So in order to accommodate all of his kitchen supplies, he built a custom set of shelving for the important items, such as a sous-vide. Below, you can find his build log from idea to completion.

Here’s the sad corner of my kitchen next to the fridge. Poor use of space! shelf1
Materials used:

  • 6x Wooden Planks (Found in the scrap lumber pile)
  • 3″ Wood Screws (Already there)
  • Sandpaper

Tools Used:

  • Table Saw
  • Hitachi Planer
  • Drill Press
  • Battery-Powered Drill
Looking through the scrap lumber I found some decent composite pine boards that looked nice. They were part of a shelf of some kind and had metal brackets on the end. There were 7 matching ones and I needed 6, so perfect!And so on to the first tool, the table saw! img_20161111_122544
Now the boards looked pretty good, but I can do better! Now they go through the Planer to get a nice finished surface. img_20161111_123111
The planer generates a LOT of shavings img_20161111_123922
No on to the Drill Press! Because I will be putting screws close to the edge of the board they would cause splits if I didn’t drill guide holes first! img_20161111_125430
And now its on to final assembly! Since the holes are all drilled this went super quickly: img_20161111_130752
And then there we have it! A beautiful piece of custom furniture, hand made myself at Splat Space! Not counting the time I spent cleaning it took less than an hour to build, and looks as good or better than anything I could have bought!And the best part? I DIDN’T SPEND A CENT. Everything I needed was already there! img_20161111_132858
And here it is in its new home! With the addition of a cheap magnetic LED light I now have a dedicated place to run my Sous Video and rice cooker, and tons of storage for larger appliances! img_20161111_154752