The Tinkerbell Project-Episode 1

The brave little kitten

The brave little kitten

A few days ago, Splat Space was contacted by a woman named Tess looking for some help building a mobility cart for her kitten, Tinkerbell.

A few Splat members were interested, including me, and we quickly started trying to figure out how best to build a cart for a growing and feisty kitten.

I was able to meet with Tess and Tinkerbell this morning to get some measurements and to see what we’d be able to build for her.

Tess came with a few really great ideas as she’d been really thinking about how to help this rescued kitten. She found a video of a kitten with similar issues named Mac and Cheese who got a Lego cart.


Tess has also been doing physical therapy with Tinkerbell and has seen some amazing progress over a very short amount of time.  This gives her hope that eventually Tinkerbell will have more use of her back legs.  As of now,  Tink tries to walk and does move her back legs a little bit, but mostly is not able to support the weight so they get dragged around.  Any cart that we make for her will be one that will support that weight,  but will also need to let her back legs be free enough to move if she needs them too.

This is a unique challenge and I think we’re all looking forward to seeing Tinkerbell be more mobile.