Ada Lovelace Day Party Tonight At 7!

ca5029eb367c256d2fdd49c111841606f17587a1888de3a69105b2ab415e74b8It’s Tuesday, which normally means there’s an open meeting tonight at 7:00. HOWEVER…it also happens to be Ada Lovelace day, which celebrates the world’s first female programmer and also celebrates women in engineering. So tonight, we’re having an Ada Lovelace party at our open meeting. So feel free to bring snacks and/or drinks and any cool projects that you are working on. You can even feel free to come dressed like Ada Lovelace, if you can find a dress that is as rock-tastic as the one pictured to the right. See you guys tonight at 7!


800 N Mangum St.

Durham, NC 27705

(919) 704-4225