We Won the Lulzbot Hackerspace Giveaway!

LulzBot-Mini_product-photoNot to pat ourselves on the back, but we are AWESOME and we have an AWESOME community! For the last four years, the fine folks over at Lulzbot have been hosting a hackerspace giveaway where hackerspaces around the country can enter to win one of their famed 3D printers. And I regret to inform you that we didn’t win. Don’t be so gullible, of course we won! Do you think I’d be writing this post if we didn’t?!?! So what does this mean? It means that we can add a new Lulzbot 3D printer to our ever-growing list of tools and services that we can offer you! Special thanks to the team that lead the efforts in submitting our space in the giveaway, specifically Sarah Stack, Jeff Crews and Mike Broome.