Durham Comics Kiosk

This past week was the Durham Comics Fest at Durham County Libraries. As part of the week, they unveiled our most recent project, the Durham Comics Project Comics Kiosk.

kioskThe kiosk is a simple image viewer, showing a set of comics from the “Comics Contraption,” a huge comics panel machine that has let people around Durham make a comic–one frame at a time–that riffs on the previous comic frame.

The kiosk was built from a donated point-of-sale touch screen kiosk that we modified. Unnecessary bits were removed and we replaced its computer with a simple laptop running the stripped down linux and web server needed to power the image viewer.

We love collaborating with Durham County Libraries, and hope to do more projects with them soon. You can check out the kiosk at the Southwest branch of the library, and come to the space if you want to work on something similar.