Science Night at Creekside Elementary School

On Tuesday March 14 a few Splatters helped out at Creekside Elementary School’s Science Night. This was just one event in the Splat’s ongoing program of volunteer work with schools and other institutions to foster STEM education.

There were many presenters from all over the Triangle, most of whom we never got to see because we were face-down in a PCB mill and Squishy Circuits all night.

We had a lot of fun in spite of a malfunctioning extruder on our Makerbot.

Pics from the table:

Playing with Squishy Circuits (conductive and non-conductive dough):

And here’s our Mantis printed circuit board mill, milling out a “commemorative plaque”:

(More information on Squishy Circuits can be found at:

and the Mantis mill is described at: