CMKT4 Contact Mic workshop

This Tuesday, Feb 21, the members of the circuit-bending rock band CMKT4 dropped by for a workshop on building peizoelectric contact microphones. We had a huge turnout and it was absolutely a blast!

A peizoelectric mic is a very simple device, but CMKT4 has worked out all the kinks to ruggedize the design and lower the cost (bottlecaps!)

They started out by telling us how to optimize our chances of soldering to the peizoelectric element:

After that,  everyone got to work and built their mics.


Under all those bent heads, work was going on:

Finally all the mics got plastic-dipped and went into our fume hood to dry:

During the drying time CMKT4 performed a set with both traditional rock instruments and circuit-bent toys.

Many thanks to CMKT4 and everyone who came out for this event!