SparkFun tour visiting SplatSpace next Tuesday, Jan 10, 2012

The guys and gals from SparkFun Electronics are on tour, visiting hackerspaces and other maker hangouts, promoting their Free Day event, filming for a documentary and giving out free stuff. And, as chance has it, they will be at Durham’s own hackerspace – SplatSpace – next Tuesday!

SparkFun have been big supporters of the maker / hacker community and do a lot of business with folks like us, selling electronics parts, robotics stuff, Arduino kit, etc. This should be a great chance to come out, interact with some of their employees, possibly get yourself captured on film (who knows, maybe they’ll put you in the documentary), and generally hang out with cool people at the coolest hackerspace around.

Word has it the SparkFun crew will come bearing gift cards, t-shirts, stickers, logo patches, etc. They’ve been invited to join us for our open meeting which starts at 7:00pm, but they may be around earlier. Follow this space, the mailing list, twitter, etc. for more detailed news if/when it becomes available.