Splat Space to be Home for Durham LUG Events!

July 13th, 2014   

Splat Space is happy to announce that events for Durham’s up and coming Durham Linux User’s Group, the Durham LUG, will be held at our location.


Durham LUGo


The first event to be hosted will be on August 2nd at 2:00PM and will be a presentation titled “Why Your Next Linux Powered Machine Should be a Chromebook”. Afterwards, fellow “Linguins” will intermingle and share their passion about GNU/Linux. Anyone interested in coming is encouraged to RSVP so that appropriate accommodations can be made, but it is also okay to show up even if you have not.


RSVPs are made on Meetup.com; you can either RSVP via:

http://www.meetup.com/splatspace/events/194690682/ – which is the Splat Space RSVP Link

http://www.meetup.com/LinuxUserGroup/events/194689802/ – which is the Durham LUG RSVP link


We look forward to seeing you there!


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We Now Have a 65 Inch HD TV at the Space!

July 13th, 2014   

On Saturday, July 12th, members Carl R. Knapp and Geoffrey Tattersfield arrived on the scene to repair a rear projection Mistsubishi WD-65835 HD television.



The task involved the removal of the set’s “light engine” in order to replace the faulty 4719-001997 chip that was the root cause of problem.  


The instructions found online though helpful, showed a slightly different internal configuration than what we had inside, so the quick surgical precision anticipated instead turned into a game of “well I think this is supposed to be that”.



Here we can see Geoff with his thinking cap on.




After many (more than originally thought!) hours we emerged victorious, having slain the beast armed with nothing more than our wits, some coffee, and mostly patience.


Testing it out with a modified Microsoft XBOX, we found our efforts to have paid off. We look forward to utilizing this awesome screen for future events here at Splat Space!

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Learning the ropes with the new vinyl cutter

July 10th, 2014   
This past Sunday, July 6th, creativity reigned free as we came down to the space to learn how to use the new Roland vinyl cutter to design custom t-shirts with vinyl masks!

Unlike the usual screen printing method that allows for multiple copies of a design, this technique uses a vinyl mask applied directly to the fabric without a silkscreen. Screen printing ink is then applied with a foam paint roller, then, after drying, the mask is peeled off.

We look forward to using this new tool for this and other awesome techniques.

photo 2 (1) photo 2 (2) photo 3photo 1 (1) photo 1 (2)
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This week’s schedule (Jul 07 – Jul 14)

July 7th, 2014   

Here’s this week’s schedule:

  • Tuesday, from 07:15PM Splat Space Open Meeting:

    Open Meetings on Tuesdays include member show & tell, project updates, and calls for collaborative hacking from 7pm-8pm. By 8:00pm, the meeting will break and everyone is free to mingle, work on projects, and get to know fellow hackers.

    How to get here: http://splatspace.org/location/

    We’re in the basement below Beyu Caffe @ 331 W. Main St. Parking behind the building on Ramseur St — there is plenty of parking and it’s free on weekends and/or as long as you exit the lot after 7pm.

  • Sunday, from 06:00PM Craft Project Night:

    Bring your textile, paper, jewelry, fiber, metal, or any type of craft project to the space.

We hope to see you out!

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Unveiling Our New Shapeoko 2 CNC Mill!

July 6th, 2014   
At our open meeting on Tuesday, July 1st, we finally had the opportunity to run our Shapeoko 2 CNC mill from Inventables for the first time!

We’ve had experience with other small mills like the Mantis 9.1, so we decided to skip over the usual “Hello World”, and jumped right into prototyping a new “business card” model for Splatspace.

Here you can see the cards that were designed in Inkscape with the toolpaths in Inventable’s online Easel app.

photo 2
These will be cut on small pieces of laminate material from architectural sample collections. Durham’s reuse/upcycling business The Scrap Exchange has a huge supply of them. We adhered the sample chip to the bed with double-sided tape (just like milling a small circuit board.)

image (3)
Video can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQyOp2lww14&feature=youtu.be
Success! We obtained a rough copy by using a basic 60 degree carbide spade bit.

Now our to-do list includes:

  •  Purchase a range of small and medium-sized end mills and other engraving tips (single point diamond bits do a great job on glass, BTW).
  •  Try out and pick feed speeds that are safe for tiny carbide bits.
  •  Make a replaceable spoil board with tee-nuts and hold-down clamps for the Shapeoko 2.
  •  Layout sheets of multiple Splatspace cards so that we can do a dozen or so at a time.
Big thanks to Inventables for the amazing tool!

Here are some more pictures(Thanks to Allie Grey & Jeffrey Crews for the awesome footage and pictures!):

image (1)  image (2)
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Makerfaire NC

July 1st, 2014   

Makerfaire NC has come and gone, and it was fantastic.

Every year since it started, MFNC has been bigger and better than the past year. This was no exception, as the Faire was in the larger Exposition Center.

Splatspace had a huge table, which we shared with the Efland Cheeks Elementary school group. We had an awesome wireless enabled cloud–an actual cloud–that flashed and animated colors that could be set from a terminal running below.

Splatspace at Makerfaire, 2014

We also had a MIDI player you could control with a wiimote.

Splatspace at Makerfaire, 2014

As always, we had the Bullitron set up, which was very popular. We also had custom vinyl decals being printed on a mini vinyl cutter and a cardboard pepakura velociraptor that was big enough to be called a Utahraptor, if anyone had measured it.

Splatspace at Makerfaire, 2014 Splatspace at Makerfaire, 2014 Splatspace at Makerfaire, 2014

Lastly, and possibly most popularly, we had paper Poplocks robots in place for visitors to build.

Splatspace at Makerfaire, 2014

The rest of MFNC was really cool too. Efland Cheeks Elementary had their usual Squishy Circuits set up, and a very popular stand to disassemble hardware. There was a great focus on teaching at the Faire. There was a learn to lockpick station, and a really popular learn to solder station.

Splatspace at Makerfaire, 2014

And there were a huge number of other awesome displays, like the chaos engine or the trebuchet or the mobile NERF weapons platform.

Splatspace at Makerfaire, 2014 Splatspace at Makerfaire, 2014 Splatspace at Makerfaire, 2014

Makerfaire NC is a genuinely awesome event. If you didn’t make it out this year, you owe it to yourself to get out next year.

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This week’s schedule (Jun 30th – July 6th)

June 30th, 2014   

Here’s this week’s shedule at the space:

  • On Tuesday we’ll have our usual Open Meeting, from 7:15pm. This is a business meeting too, so the first half hour or so will have officer reports and some Splatspace business to sort.
  • On Sunday, from 6pm, we’ll have Software Project Night.

We hope to see you out!

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This week’s schedule (June 16 – 22)

June 16th, 2014   

Here’s this week’s schedule at Splatspace:

Also, this weekend in Charlotte is the SouthEast LinuxFest, a really great conference with multiple tracks on Open Source Software and Linux.

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Burlington Mini Makerfaire

June 14th, 2014   

So, last weekend was the NC Makerfaire. We're getting a post together showing how that went, but in the meantime, here's a post about the other area makerfaire–Burlington Mini Maker Faire. As alwasy, it was a blast.

At our table we had a ton of projects members have been working on, ranging from a homemade Operation style game made from a Lego mini figures box and other lego parts to a the newest version of an open source evolution rig, producing bacteria that create various useful proteins.

Burlington Mini Makerfaire Burlington Mini Makerfaire

Burlington Mini Makerfaire

We also had our usual 3D printer display, some papercraft, and the 3D printed thumb piano we posted about before.

Burlington Mini Makerfaire

But the big draw at the mini maker faire isn't any one table. It's the sheer display of making on display from all over the region.

There were robots playing ball. There were steampunk props. There was a family showing off their daughters' Mindstorms robots.

Burlington Mini Makerfaire Burlington Mini Makerfaire
Burlington Mini Makerfaire

Speaking of Mindstorms, Efland Cheeks Elementary had their own table, showing off their Mindstorms collection and squishy circuits.

Burlington Mini Makerfaire

The Makerfaire even had blacksmiths, with small portable forges.

Burlington Mini Makerfaire

And last, but not least, the Alamance Maker's guild table had musical tesla coils.

The Mini Makerfaire was really something. If you didn't make it out this year, make sure to get it on your calendar for next year.

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This week’s schedule (June 9 – 15)

June 9th, 2014   

Here’s this week’s schedule at the space:

  • Tuesday, from 7:15pm, we’ll have our usual Open Meeting. Please note the changed time: we’re starting later as the lot is now charging for any fraction of an hour used before 7pm. If you arrive at or after 7pm, the lot will be free, though you will still have to take a ticket to get in.
  • Sunday, from 6pm to 8pm, we’ll have Craft Project Night.
  • Also on Sunday, from 6pm, we’ll have Software Project Night.

We hope to see you out!

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